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Is there an expanded access/compassionate use program for mirikizumab?

Access to mirikizumab is unavailable if a patient is not eligible for currently enrolling into mirikizumab clinical trials.


Additional Information

Eli Lilly and Company (Lilly) may consider providing an investigational medicine outside of a clinical trial. This is called expanded access or compassionate use. Lilly supports requests for expanded access that meet the criteria defined on the Lilly Expanded Access website.1

Expanded access may be an option for a limited number of individuals with serious or life-threatening conditions who

  • have exhausted all available medical options (ie, no comparable or satisfactory alternative therapies exist)
  • are ineligible for clinical trials, and
  • meet all additional requirements for the expanded access program (EAP).1

Lilly does not have an EAP for mirikizumab.

Lilly encourages patients to participate in clinical trials whenever possible. Participation in clinical trials allows patients to contribute to our understanding of a compound while helping Lilly to obtain the data necessary to advance the clinical development of the compound. Patients and their physicians can review ongoing and planned studies by visiting www.clinicaltrials.gov.1


1Expanded access. Eli Lilly and Company. Accessed January 24, 2022. https://www.lilly.com/clinical-research/expanded-access

Date of Last Review: January 24, 2022

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