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CONNECTED CARE: Diabetes History and Mission

The Connected Care Program at Eli Lilly and Company will build upon Lilly's heritage as we strive to make life better for people affected by diabetes.

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Lilly has been a global leader in diabetes care since 1923, when we introduced the world’s first commercial insulin. We are building upon this heritage by working to meet the diverse needs of people with DM and those who care for them. Through research, collaboration, and quality manufacturing, we strive to make life better for people affected by DM. We offer a wide range of therapies and a continued determination to provide real solutions—from medicines and technologies to support programs and more.

Managing DM, especially calculating the right insulin dose, can be challenging for the millions of people living with the condition. Our goal in developing Connected Care platforms is to deliver therapies and connected systems that improve health outcomes. We are confident that our solutions will help people with DM and their care teams better manage the condition.

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DM = diabetes mellitus

Lilly = Eli Lilly and Company

Date of Last Review: November 22, 2019

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