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CONNECTED CARE: Current Platforms in Development

Connected care is currently developing 2 platforms.

Detailed Information

Connected Care is Lilly’s holistic solution that will include both a pen- and pump-based platform to provide the DM community with insights that can help with management of the condition.

Connected Care Pump-Based Platform

Lilly's Connected Care pump-based platform is a hybrid closed-loop system designed to adjust basal insulin infusion rates to maintain BG levels within a specified target range via

  • insulin pump with a dedicated controller

  • dosing algorithm, and

  • CGM.

Connected Care Pen-Based Platform

Lilly's Connected Care pen-based platform would deliver personalized insulin dose recommendation via the

  • Connected Care pen

  • glucose-sensing technologies (eg, BGM, CGM), and 

  • the mobile app.

The mobile app will provide personalized insulin dose recommendations. The mobile app will collect, store, and review

  • glucose data (via a compatible bluetooth-enabled BGM, or Dexcom CGM)

  • insulin dose data (via an attachment for the Connected Care pen)

  • meal details, and

  • other health-related information.

This data will be used to electronically log and remind users of insulin dosing.


BG = blood glucose

BGM = blood glucose monitor

CGM = continuous glucose monitoring

DM = diabetes mellitus

Lilly = Eli Lilly and Company

T1DM = type 1 diabetes mellitus

T2DM = type 2 diabetes mellitus

Date of Last Review: November 22, 2019

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