Forteo ® (teriparatide [rDNA origin] injection)

20-mcg daily dose in a 2.4-mL prefilled delivery device

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Common Adverse Reactions with FORTEO® (teriparatide [rDNA origin] injection) Treatment

In clinical studies, the most common adverse reactions, or side effects, associated with Forteo treatment were nausea, joint aches, and pain

Additional common side effects observed with Forteo® (teriparatide [rDNA origin] injection) treatment included (Forteo Package Insert, 2012):

  • Leg cramps

  • Injection site reactions which may include redness, swelling, pain, itching, a few drops of blood, and bruising

Serious Adverse Events

Orthostatic hypotension with teriparatide therapy

Teriparatide may cause transient orthostatic hypotension (Forteo Package Insert, 2012).

  • Typically, an event began within 4 hours of dosing and spontaneously resolved within a few minutes to a few hours

Teriparatide should be administered initially under circumstances in which the patient can sit or lie down if symptoms of orthostatic hypotension occur (Forteo Package Insert, 2012).

Serum calcium elevation with teriparatide therapy

Teriparatide may cause slight and transient increase in serum calcium (Forteo Package Insert, 2012).

  • Maximum concentrations are reached between 4 and 6 hours and return to baseline by 16 to 24 hours

Therefore, if blood samples for serum calcium are taken, it should be done at least 16 hours after the most recent teriparatide injection (Forteo Package Insert, 2012).

Enclosed Prescribing Information

FORTEO® (teriparatide [rDNA origin] injection), Lilly

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FORTEO® [Package Insert]. Indianapolis, IN: Eli Lilly and Company; 2012.

Date of Last Review: February 09, 2017

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