Basaglar ® (insulin glargine) injection

100 units/mL

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BASAGLAR® (insulin glargine injection): Aseptic Techniques During Supply Shortages

During medical supply shortages, Lilly encourages patients to contact their health care provider for assistance.

Injection Aseptic Techniques

Patients should follow the guidance on good aseptic techniques, such as handwashing and use of alcohol swabs, as outlined in the Basaglar “Instructions for Use.”1

Guidance During Medical Supply Shortages

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused widespread medical supply shortages, including alcohol swabs and bottles of 70% isopropyl alcohol.

During shortages, patients should contact their health care provider for suggested alternative aseptic measures.

Injection Site Preparation

As an alternative to the use of alcohol, the WHO recommends the use of soap and water for skin preparation and disinfection of injection sites.2

Pen Preparation

There is a low risk to patient safety if the cartridge septum is not swabbed with alcohol prior to attaching a new Pen needle. Do not use other cleaners, such as bleach, to sanitize the cartridge septum as it may damage the Pen. Do not submerge the Pen in any fluid as this may damage the device and label.3

Enclosed Prescribing Information

BASAGLAR® (insulin glargine injection), for subcutaneous use, Lilly


1. Basaglar KwikPen [instructions for use]. Indianapolis, IN: Eli Lilly and Company; 2019.

2. World Health Organization. WHO best practices for injections and related procedures toolkit. Published March 2010. Accessed March 23, 2020.

3. Data on file, Eli Lilly and Company and/or one of its subsidiaries.


Basaglar = Basaglar® (insulin glargine injection) 100 units/mL

COVID-19 = coronavirus disease 2019

Lilly = Eli Lilly and Company

Pen = KwikPen®

WHO = World Health Organization

Date of Last Review: March 23, 2020

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